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A trusted strategic partner for FSP enterprise.

Don't waste time collecting data and building tools that are already available.

We do data

We offer data sourcing, customer engagement tools, analytics, custom development, and data API.

Elevate your FSP

Seed Analytics enables companies to reach their vision in a shorter space of time.

Young Businesspeople

Book a call with us and let's take the first step in working together to successfully execute on your vision.



Seed Analytics Components

Seed Analytics offer various components that enable your vision.

Data Sourcing

Source your client's data from over 65 different platforms through a single data integration point. 

Bespoke Analytics Platform

Analyse your book on an ongoing basis through our versatile and scalable analytics platform.

Data Cleaning and Fidelity Checking

Comprehensive data integrity checking and cleaning process help to ensure results make sense.


Reduce company risk by rebalancing clients portfolio's based on your shortlist of funds.

Historical Data

Capture historical data to reflect on your client's statement, going back to the inception date.


Allow your advisors to manage their book through specific analytics that reflects the state of their book. 

Data API

Import data into your operational systems via our API.

Elevate your advisory or FSP—our components make it happen.

Find out how these components can make a significant difference in your business. Book a call with us today.


What our clients are saying

"Monthly reporting always meant 3 days out of 'normal' activities with huge stress, collation and checks. The sending out of monthly reports has now become a stress-free non-event."

Barry Hugo — Hampshire Independent Advisors

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