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Many people do not hear from their financial advisers regularly 

When last did you hear from yours?

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At Seed Analytics, we understand that your advisor is busy managing your investments and planning for your best future. That's a big job that takes up most of their time, so they may not have the margin to send out investment summaries and market reports. We would love to help them update you regularly on how their hard work has impacted your investments relative to the market.

If you're not hearing from your advisor regularly, give us their details so we can show them how to use Seed Analytics to easily send you your investment overview and market reports, monthly. 

Receive consolidated statements

Seed Analytics helps advisors update their clients on all their investments monthly.

Our system enables advisers to generate consolidated investment statements for you at the click of a button.

Get an idea of how your investments are performing across all investment platforms on a monthly basis, and see the results of the great work your adviser has been doing for you to grow your wealth.

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Connecting Dots

The Process

How It Works

Step 1
Capture your adviser's details

Step 2
We'll make contact with them

Capture your adviser's details above

We'll contact your adviser and demo the Seed Analytics system to them

Step 3
You'll receive monthly statements

Your adviser can then send you monthly investment statements showing your returns across all your investments

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