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With 2021 coming to a close, it is always a good time for financial advisors and investors to reflect on the past year and plan for the new year. There are very few periods of downtime during the year and as the past 2 years of the pandemic have illustrated, life is very unpredictable, and therefore long-term planning is more of a need than a luxury.

The festive period is an ideal time for clients to take time and review their long-term goals and investment decisions. Clients that do not have a holistic view of their investments and are aware of their financial position are unable to do the necessary decision making and planning during this period off from work and do not have additional stressors of life.

Financial advisers often struggle to balance client service with time-consuming tasks such as investor reporting. This means that the majority of advisors are unable to provide their clients with a holistic view of their investments and portfolio on a regular basis. This can result in a risk in your advisory practice for financial advisors.

With Seed Analytics and our services, you send advisor-branded consolidated statements at the click of a button within 15 minutes. We enable you to meet your TCF obligations, deliver exceptional service to all of your clients while reinforcing your brand. As a financial advisor, you can give your clients access to a holistic view of their investment while you on holiday.

Consumer trends change and Information is empowerment

Financial advisors have to adapt to the changes in consumer demands and the regulation changes to remain competitive and professional in their services. As consumers are forced to adopt positive financial behaviour in response to unexpected market shocks and increases in financial risks. Investors want to be better informed and kept abreast of their investments and performance to ensure they can plan adequately and make the correct financial decisions.

Seed Analytics statements solution allows for a more client-centric approach in financial planning. It empowers the financial planner to provide a better management experience that increases customer retention and increases the probability of client referral by also providing a variety of product choices for a more holistic goal-based financial planning approach to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Interested in elevating your financial advisory and you would like to learn more about how Seed Analytics can work for you, click here to request a demo.

This old adage still rings true today. Possibly even more so in a world that is turned by us trading our time for money.

Because of this, we see that within the financial advisor sector, advisors are forced to select which of their clients are most worth their time and effort - and which clients they would be willing to let slide. This isn’t due to laziness or a lack of care, but because advisors simply can’t get to all the admin required to build the businesses they aspire to.

Reporting is a huge factor in this decision to focus on some clients more than others. As 80% of an advisor’s income comes from 20% of their clients, that’s where they spend their time - making sure the clients that keep bringing them income are happy.

Clients often have multiple investment accounts at different platforms. While this might be a result of good, independent advice at the planning stage of the relationship from their financial advisor, it can be admin-intensive to manage these diverse investment portfolios on an ongoing basis. It is important to use technology to your advantage so you can deliver a service that keeps your client’s best interests in mind.

Clients respond well to good quality service. We know that if we do good work, then the business will come. The Financial Advisory industry demands excellent service, but on the other hand, doesn’t allow much time to go above and beyond, other than what is used for regulatory purposes.

Powerful reporting can save advisors time, money and increase their profit margin. Reporting is one of the most admin-intensive tasks that advisors take on and manage. In some advisors’ lives, reporting can take up a full week of their time each month - and that only applies to the 20% of clients who receive their full attention.

How long does it take your team to compile reports for your entire book?

Because time is money, an advisor is unlikely to take a large amount of time out of their month to work on reporting when they could rather be signing new clients. Hiring an admin assistant may open up some capacity, but it is a cost to the advisor’s business. Admin assistants can be very useful to an advisor in many ways, but limiting their focus to reporting minimises the value they could add to the business.

Seed Analytics reporting makes a big difference to the lives of the advisors we work with. Our dashboards make reports quick and easy to generate. You can complete all your client reports with a few clicks of a button. These numbers hold no matter how many clients you have on your books, as the time to generate one report is the same amount of time you need to generate 100 reports. Our clients say that this saves them up to a week of productive time every month.

A whole week is now freed up to get new business and serve existing clients. Every point of contact is a possible upsell. Your admin assistant can focus their time on supporting your day-to-day functions and bringing value to your clients. If you have never hired an assistant and have been running your business by yourself, you now have the freedom to choose not to hire anyone until you grow your book to a place where you do need the help.

Your profit margins can be directly affected by this decision as well. By using Seed Analytics dashboards, you remove human error from your reporting. This improves your service offering, which is likely to improve your client retention rate. Having readily available reporting allows you to help your clients make better decisions about their investments at a glance.

A single investment dashboard also makes it easier to interpret the information you are looking at. Rather than having to perform mental gymnastics to search across different accounts, a single dashboard and a single task approach (rather than multitasking across investments) means that you can make better decisions in a shorter space of time.

You can take back the power that numbers give you and make them work for your business. The bigger question is “Why wouldn’t you want more time, money, trust from clients and better information to work with?”

Seed Analytics gives you the tools to improve service offerings to a greater volume of clients. Request a demo today

As a financial advisor, we know you’ve got a lot going on. Servicing all your clients has a huge amount of admin attached to it. There are always many things that need to happen. While you’re focusing on meeting your existing clients’ needs, new clients can enter the picture with their own needs as well. Onboarding these clients comes with its own admin cycle too.

It’s not always quick and easy to complete risk assessments on your different offerings. Preparing for your touch-base meetings also takes time, as every session involves updating your client on their current investments and educating them on their options going forward.

What if you could simplify your way of working, reduce your admin and better advise your clients?

Seed Analytics has the potential to change how you work with your clients. We offer a reporting dashboard that empowers you to work productively and efficiently, making your life easier and increasing your value to your clients.

How does this help your day-to-day functioning as a financial advisor?

Firstly, our dashboard minimises the time you need to set up reports. You’ll have an overview of all of your client’s investments and it will take no time at all to see how their portfolio is performing. This can help you assess your client’s risks, as well as to see whether their portfolio is in line with their risk profile and strategy. With this information on hand, it’s easy to determine the next steps for their portfolio.

Secondly, the dashboard makes it easy to review how funds are performing across all of your clients’ portfolios. You can review your client book’s investments at funds level. If you need to reassess a fund, the dashboard makes it easy to shift those investments – all without you having to review your paperwork to remember who is invested where.

Best of all, the dashboard gives you an integrated view of what is happening across all the platforms and vehicles you have chosen for your clients. This can help you assess risk and advise your clients on where their next investment should take place.

Being backed by a powerful reporting solution also does wonders for your confidence. At any point in time, you’ll know what is happening with each of your clients’ portfolios. You’ll be able to offer them the best solutions and support possible. A confident financial advisor translates to a confident client – they know that you have their best interests at heart, and that you know what is happening in their investments. You become their go-to person when they need to make financial decisions and need information.

At the end of the day, our dashboard can give you a better way to manage the clients you already have. If you cut down on the time you spend on admin and reporting, you open up the possibility of recruiting more clients. With Seed Analytics on your side, you’ll be able to manage these new clients seamlessly from the get-go.

If you are looking to change how you work with your clients, and you would like to learn more about how Seed Analytics can work for you, click here to request a demo.

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