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Re-balance your book with the click of a button.

Advisors often don't have the time to re-risk clients who are out of mandate.

One-click re-balance

Seed Analytics allows advisors to re-balance client portfolios at the click of a button into a shortlist of funds.

Reduce your risk

Advisors who use Seed Analytics reduce their own risk, secure their brand and increase credible touch points with their client base.

Identify Clients at Risk

Identify clients at risk who are outside of their mandate.

Re-balance client portfolios

Re-balance client portfolios by switching to the shortlisted funds.

Generate Documentation

Generate a PDF switch form with a summary for Record of Advice.


Create an authentic touch-point with all your clients.

Young Businesspeople

Can you afford to put in the time to re-balancing all your clients' individual portfolios?

Book a demo to see how Seed Analytics allows you to re-balance at a click of a button.

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Don't risk your reputation.

Portfolios that don't align to the advice given puts your reputation at serious risk, but the re-balancing process can take so long that it limits the size of your book.

We turn risk re-balancing into an opportunity for positive engagement and increased touch points for your whole book.

How Re-balancing Works

It's never been easier to re-balance a client's portfolio.

Step 1 — Select

Select the portfolio that needs re-balancing.

Step 2 — Re-balance

Click "Re-balance".

Step 3 — Send Forms

Send through the forms for your client to sign.


What our clients are saying

"Monthly reporting always meant 3 days out of 'normal' activities with huge stress, collation and checks. The sending out of monthly reports has now become a stress-free non-event."

Barry Hugo — Hampshire Independent Advisors

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