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Data Analytics

We provide analytics to manage your book or FSP

FSP's struggle to use their own data to make informed decisions about their business — Seed Analytics makes it simple

A holistic overview

Seed Analytics provides analytics to gain a holistic investment view across all brokers, platforms, funds and clients

Data-driven decisions

Through Seed Analytics, FSP leaders can monitor, drive strategy, and execute efficiently throughout the business

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Client Fund Exposure Visibility

View all the funds that your clients have exposure to

Advisor Exposure Visibility

View all platforms that your advisors have exposure to

Analytics for Platform and Fund Exposure

Manage advisor force on platform and fund exposure

Make strategic, data-informed decisions

Manage your business using data-informed decisions

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Make Data-Driven Decisions with Seed Analytics

Can you afford to waste time and money executing on poor decisions?

Book a demo to see how Seed Analytics provides you with analytics that allows you to make data informed and accurate decisions about the future of your book or FSP.

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Data You Can Use

Managing your book or FSP is demanding and risky

The data you need to make good, efficient and productive decisions is available right now. The problem is that it's fragmented, patchy, and isn't consistently delivered. And even if it was, you'd still have to build the analytical insight yourself. You have the data, but you can't use it.

At Seed Analytics, we understand that the better you are informed about your book, the more business you'll bring in. 

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Seed Analytics—By the Numbers

Seed Analytics is all about data


We integrate with over 65 different investment platforms, and import data for over 100 investment platforms


We generate reports for over 350,000 clients


We report on over R180bn worth of investments over 700,000 accounts


Our advisor-branded dashboards give context to your data — identify opportunities and risks, get an overview of the performance of all your clients, and empower yourself to make the right decisions — all backed by the data at your fingertips.


Choose from our reporting range

We provide a range of reports to give you the insights you need

Book Report

Compare shortlisted funds and other funds your clients' exposure

Summary and lowest level breakdown of your total assets under management

Using your data in Excel for marketing, risk identification, and valuation.


CEO Report

Manage your advisors' performance on fund inflows

Summary on the book of the company

Shortlist fund evaluation


Bespoke Analytics

Import any custom data

Report within a regional structure

Run custom analytics on our large data lake

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Three Simple Steps to Your Success

How Our Service Works

Step 1
Data Collection

We collect all your clients' data and formulate your statements with your brand on it at no effort from you. Our checking process makes sure that your client statements are accurate for the month

Step 2
Dashboard Setup

Log in to our system and view the dashboards needed to manage your book or brokerage

Step 3

Execute on strategic decisions and monitor the impact on next months analytics views

What our clients are saying

"Monthly reporting always meant 3 days out of 'normal' activities with huge stress, collation and checks. The sending out of monthly reports has now become a stress-free non-event."

Barry Hugo — Hampshire Independent Advisors

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