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We build your consolidated client investment statements.

Many advisors don't give their clients a holistic view of their investments.

White-labelled statements

Seed Analytics creates white-labelled client investment statements that you can email to your clients.

Build your brand

Clients who receive your statements will enjoy your service, create more referrals, and reduce your admin need as you grow.

Advisor-Branded Statements

Send statements at regular intervals, or ad-hoc every 15 minutes. Brand it with your logo to create brand awareness.

Client Statements as a Marketing Tool

Use your monthly statements as a marketing and communication tool — attach your own market insights to build credibility with your customers.

Comply with TCF and RDR Standards

Our statements will contribute to your compliance with Treating Customers Fairly and future RDR standards.

Reduce Your Administrative Overhead

Limit your administration costs for servicing all your customers.

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Stay Front-of-Mind

Can you afford not to have a credible, branded touch-point with your clients on a regular basis?

Your clients pay you fees, but receive individual statements directly from their investment platforms, cutting you out of an amazing opportunity to stay in the front of your customers' minds, and growing your brand reputation.

Book a demo to see how to send consolidated statements with your logo on it to all your clients in 15 minutes.

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We Understand

Advice isn't an easy game.

Providing your clients with statements shouldn't be complicated or time consuming. Using your own data to make world-class decisions shouldn't have to make you work so hard.

At Seed Analytics, we understand that if you do good work for your clients, the business will come.

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Seed Analytics—By the Numbers

Seed Analytics is all about data.


We integrate with over 65 different investment platforms, and import data for over 100 investment platforms.


We generate reports for over 350,000 clients.


We report on over R180bn worth of investments over 700,000 accounts.

Statement Options

Choose from our statement range.

We provide a range of statements to provide your customers with the insight they need.

Summary Statement

Legacy Statement

Detailed Statement

Summary of portfolio

Summary of accounts

History of total asset value

Asset allocation actual

Asset allocation target

Return summary with IRR

Cashflow summary

Account details showing investment allocation and history per account


How Our Statement Service Works

Three simple steps. That's all it takes from signing up with us to experiencing results. By sending a consolidated statement to all of your clients—branded with your logo—you not only reduce your admin overhead, but grow your brand and client perception of you and your offering while meeting TCF requirements.

Step 1 — Collection

We collect all your clients' data and formulate your statements with your brand on it. Our fidelity checking process makes sure that your statements are accurate for the month.

Step 2 — Sending

Log in to our system, select your clients and send them their statements with a Seed Analytics market summary.

The market summary reduces questions from your clients. They understand how their investments have performed relative to the market.

You can also attached any additional information, making this a perfect marketing opportunity.

Step 3 — Results

Enjoy a growing business through natural referrals thanks to your superior service. As your book grows, your service will remain consistent and well received.

What our clients are saying

"Monthly reporting always meant 3 days out of 'normal' activities with huge stress, collation and checks. The sending out of monthly reports has now become a stress-free non-event."

Barry Hugo — Hampshire Independent Advisors

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