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 Elevate your
Financial Advisory.

Reduce your admin overheadBuild trust with your clients. Reinforce your brand.

Branded Consolidated Statements

Service all your clients with branded, consolidated statements.

One-Click Portfolio Rebalancing

Rebalance your clients' portfolios with the click of a button.

Identify Opportunities & Reduce Risk

Our analytics platform unlocks the opportunities hidden within your data.

Source, Secure, Consolidate & Clean Data

Simplify the process of working with the data on your entire book.

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Reporting and Compliance

Can you afford not to offer a client statement service?

Send advisor-branded consolidated statements at the click of a button. We enable you to meet your TCF obligations, deliver exceptional service to all of your clients, while reinforcing your brand. 

What's more: you can re-balance entire client portfolios with a click of a button.

Is this something you can afford to go without?

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Data Sourcing and Analytics

What is it costing you to make decisions without all the right data

Making decisions without the right data at your fingertips could cost both you and your clients more than you realize—not to mention the cost of missing out on lucrative opportunities that could have been identified.

Have you considered the costs?

We Understand

Advice isn't an easy game.

Providing your clients with statements shouldn't be complicated or time consuming. Using your own data to make world-class decisions shouldn't have to make you work so hard.

At Seed Analytics, we understand that if you do good work for your clients, the business will come.

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Seed Analytics—By the Numbers

Seed Analytics is all about data.


We integrate with over 65 different investment platforms, and import data for over 100 investment platforms.


We generate reports for over 350,000 clients.


We report on over R180bn worth of investments over 700,000 accounts.

Some of our clients

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Getting Started

Three simple steps to signing up.

Step 1 — Book a Demo

Book a short demo with our sales team.

Step 2 — Provide Codes

Provide your broker codes— we'll take care of the rest.

Step 3 — Click 'Send'

Log in and click 'send', or click through to your book reports.

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Elevate Your Financial Advisory

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