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Data Sourcing

Seed Analytics Components

Don't waste time collecting data and building tools that are already available.

Data Sourcing and Consolidation

Doing the legwork of sourcing and integrating your clients' data into a clean and structured repository of their investment data. Providing it to you in a usable format.

The heart of the offering, our consolidation engine integrates with 65+ local and offshore investment platforms, life companies, and banks.

Our unified data model includes investment holdings, cash-flows, fees, asset allocations and Money Weighted rate of return calculations.

As this is not a complicated CRM system, your existing systems remain intact.

The fully automated, outsourced process reduces your administrative costs and overhead.

The number of touch points between you and your clients increases.


Ongoing assessment of client risk profiles, leading to reduced FAIS, RDR, and TCF risks.

Ongoing assessment of client risk profiles, leading to reduced FAIS, RDR, and TCF risks.

The same high-quality service is easily provided to all client categories.

The automated process removes the administrative burden and allows you to focus on your business.


Analytics means getting your data to work for you. Get actionable insights from your own data.

Understanding the demographic of the client base.

Identify the most profitable clients.

Know the exposure to all funds.

Bespoke Analytics Platform

Extract and share analytics needed for the growth and management of your brokerage.

For larger brokerages and enterprises, our versatile and scalable analytics platform enables ongoing delivery of bespoke insights.

Our analysts work with you to understand the need and build insights that fit your need.

Historical Data

Capture data on your client's portfolios going back to the inception date. 

With the provision of historical data, we can upload it to your clients' statement.

Back-date the investments' performance as far as the client's inception with you.

Providing you with a detailed statement that includes many years of performance.

Data API

Plug your investment data directly into your best of breed CRM's or operational systems.  

Import data into your operational system via our API.

Data Cleaning and Fidelity Checking

Scrubbing, aggregating the investment data and processing through Seed Analytics' integrity checks ensures accurate data is provided.

Managing cashflows to reflect in the correct period.

Ensuring all data is accounted for, from source to delivery.

Bespoke Analytics Platform
Historical Data
Data API
Data Cleaning
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