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Download a Single Historical Consolidated Statement

A historical client portfolio statement can often be helpful to the Advisor. A client might request an old statement to be re-sent to them. Other times it is useful to compare the state of a portfolio from the start to the end of a quarter.

Seed Analytics has just released a feature that allows the Advisor to download a single historical consolidated portfolio statement. The Advisor can download a statement from as far back as six months.

Previously, accessing a historical statement was possible; however, it required the Advisor to download a zip file per month containing all their statements and then select the portfolio out of the folder before sending it to the client.

This feature saves the advisor time by making it easy for advisors to download a single statement for a specific client and send it through their own communication channels.

At Seed Analytics, we understand that an Advisors time is the most valuable asset in their business. We aim to reduce time around day-to-day tasks allowing the Advisor to do what they do best: Give sound Advice.

Download a zip file containing all portfolios was covered during the onboarding phase of the relationship with Seed Analytics. Would you like an onboarding refresher? Reach out to us here:


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