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How to use data to plan your year

Data is a powerful tool. It can help us to make a number of important decisions - especially in our businesses.

Seed Analytics’ focus is to streamline your business practices and provide you with a low-admin reporting solution. However, having access to our dashboards offer some excellent advantages that you can make use of in your business. Here is how you can use our dashboards to plan for a stronger business year.

1. Keep an eye on your current investments

One of the ways that Seed Analytics can help you is to make the admin around balancing the risk on your books easier. Our dashboards hold the information regarding all the accounts that you manage. As investments fluctuate, this data is picked up within our reporting software. With a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to see which funds need adjusting, and which clients you will need to talk to to get this right. This will save you time, and it is a good idea to plan at least three reviews like this for the year.

2. You will see where your opportunities lie to upsell your current clients

Having your clients’ full portfolios available at a click of a button will assist you in assessing which clients need advice on new products, or when it would be a good idea to chat to them about their current needs to adjust their cover accordingly. With the use of Seed Analytics dashboards, you can plan exactly when you would like to do your review with each client, based on the information in front of you. Don’t miss any opportunities you have at your fingertips.

3. Get an idea of how many new clients you need

Goal setting is an essential part of any business. When you are setting your goal for this year, take a look at either how many clients you would like to have as a whole, or how many clients you need to achieve your financial goals. You will then be able to work out how many clients you should onboard each month to make this happen.

4. Create a richer client experience

Using a tool like Seed Analytics can drastically free up admin capacity in your business. Instead of drowning in reporting duties that can be automated, your admin staff will be able to have richer engagements with your clients and support your practice in a variety of ways. Our reporting software is very easy to use, even if you would like to manage your practice yourself. If your admin assistant can work with our tools, it can help save them time so they have more time to support you with other important tasks.

Data provides you with practical feedback which will allow you to plan your next move. Not using Seed Analytics yet? Contact us to book a demo, and you will see how you can add more value to your clients in 2023.


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