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Permission to Advise

The digital age has brought widespread positive change. People are more connected than ever before; information is freely available, and clients have real decision-making power. However, the shift to digital is not without its frustrations. Among those frustrations is the sheer volume of noise that technology produces. Every digital channel from TV to social media is filled with adverts demanding our time and focus.

Time is money, and so people living in the digital age are forced to develop the ability to filter out irrelevant information. Potential clients, now more than ever, are asking for credible reasons to dedicate their time to your product or business. Brands compete against each other to retain their clients’ attention. Staying front of their clients’ minds requires constant innovation.

Within this context, how can financial advisors stay front of mind and secure their future with their clients and within their clients’ respective reference networks?

By the very nature of the work that they do, advisors create a personal bond with their clients. This bond is based on trust and makes their clients sit back and pay attention to what they have to say. But this bond won’t last indefinitely…

Competitor companies frequently target advisors’ clients. These companies have large marketing budgets that they can exploit to capture their targets’ attention. In this demanding environment, clients’ trust is an indispensable resource. To stay front of mind, advisors must make credible monthly contact with their clients to strengthen the trust they have worked so hard to secure. After all, trust is the foundation of a financial advisor’s permission to advise.

Consolidated client portfolio statements are one way for advisors to establish credible monthly contact with their clients. Seed Analytics provides a service that transforms tedious reporting into a trust-building strategy. The advisor’s clients receive 12 credible portfolio statements per year at virtually no time cost to the advisor or their back office. Although these statements are generated by Seed Analytics, they display the advisor’s own branding and become an extension of the advisor’s services.

Seed Analytics takes care of data acquisition and consolidation. All the advisor needs to do is click the send button to distribute branded consolidated statements to their entire customer base.

In a world that generates so much noise, clients are seeking out trusted relationships to help them establish their future. By working with Seed Analytics, a financial advisor is taking a simple yet effective step to strengthen their clients’ trust and retain their ongoing permission to advise.


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